Sharing Our Love for Family Law Sketch Comedy

Are you a big fan of sketch comedy? Are you also interested in family law, but are disappointed to find that the two cross paths so rarely? Look no further!

The Daniel Jensen Family Law Comedy Troupe may be exactly what you’re looking for. We’re family-friendly, funny, and family-law-focused for your entertainment.

Who We Are

Our comedy group is a diverse bunch with diverse backgrounds. For example, our leader, Daniel Jensen, started out in law school before dropping out to pursue comedy. You can imagine the “reviews” his parents left on his answering machine.

Then, there’s our leading lady, Miss Sally Phillips, a former street performer. She may have started out as a living statue, but now, she plays angry grandmas, fussy kids, and the exhausted judges who dole out justice.

Last but not least of our traveling group are the twins, Isabelle and Tom Bree. The dynamic duo have been known to play off each other for all sorts of family relationships. It’s like they know what the other will say before they say it.

As our group travels, we also put out calls for other performers to fill in roles as needed. Keep an eye out for who is  featured in the synopsis of our shows.

Why Family Law?

When we first discussed starting our own family law comedy tour, we weren’t thinking about law groups and what the people wanted to see. We were thinking about other tours of famous comedians, improv groups, and shows.

Family law, funny enough, didn’t come up until someone rejected the idea of an homage to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. “Sure, it’d be funny,” our lead actress said, “but none of us are from the South.”

“Well, neither was Larry the Cable Guy, but he still made it.”

Still, we liked the idea of themed shows, and from there, the Daniel Jensen Family Law Comedy Troupe was born! Now, our little troupe performs at local venues all over the country for viewers like you.

We also provide summaries of our shows. We perform at small comedy venues all over, but we keep track of our shows here, so that you’ll have a rundown of all the jokes and gags.

Check Out Our “Shows” Today!

If you’re curious about family law, but you also want a good laugh, check out the transcripts here. Since some venues don’t allow recordings, we’re working to compile all our shows here.

When you’re ready for a good laugh, check out our site for big laughs and bigger fun. Check back for regular updates as we perform and tour, so you don’t miss a single laugh.