A Little Behind

We’re back after another trip across the states, and we’re excited to debut another exciting skit. We’ll also be performing on some larger stages in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled and your calendars open for new performance dates coming to your area! Until then, enjoy the story of a couple friends who get a little stuck. 

The curtains open to the sound of a revving engine, only to reveal a car stuck in the mud. 

“Ugh, give it up, Alison, we’re stuck.” The speaker sighs and crosses her arms. “This is ridiculous. Now we’re going to be late for sure.”

Alison sticks her head out the window. “We’re not! We have one hour, twenty minutes, and fifty-six seconds to get there, that’s plenty of time.”

“Ugh, why did the boys leave me with the math major.”

Alison honks, startling the other girl. “I heard that, Mandy! They should be back in a second anyway. They left approximately one hour, three minutes, and thirty seconds ago.”

Voices reach them somewhere off stage. “So, bad news or good news, girls?” Two men enter the stage, looking sheepish. 

“Bad news,” both girls say. 

“Okay, so, that gas station we passed is very closed.” 

“The good news is that we got a signal, but the tow truck won’t get here for another hour or so.”

“That’s not very specific.”

The others shoot a look at Alison, then collectively sigh. 

Mandy shakes her head. “Okay, so, we’re probably going to be late. Alison, I guess you go with Brad this time to call the convention people and tell them we’re going to be late. Allen, you stay with me, see if we can push the car a little farther.”

Allen nodded, shaking his head. “I knew we should have left earlier. My sponsor said so.”

“Yeah, well, we’re going to make it on time.” The other two leave the stage, hurrying off with their phones in hand. 

Brad and Mandy push and huff, trying to move the car, but it doesn’t budge. Brad sighs and sits on the bumper. “Maybe we should have called a Charleston car accident attorney. They’d be able to help, right? At least, I think we’re still in South Carolina.”

“Brad, we didn’t crash, we’re just stuck.” 

“Yeah, but I nudged the bushes a little. Maybe they could help.”

“Look, whatever we do, we’re already late and we’re going to be in big trouble. I guess the Convention for Procrastinators, Untimely, and the Perpetually Late can go on without us, but my favorite speaker was going to be there.”

Another car pulls into view, this one with an older woman. “Oh dear, could you kids help me? I’m heading to this convention a town away, and I think I’m running a little late. Could you point me in the right direction?”

Mandy and Brad glance at one another, surprised by their luck, then begin to laugh. 

More Shows, More Skits 

Thanks again, dear readers, for keeping up with our little show. We should be announcing our newest tour dates soon, so keep an eye out for posters, flyers, and posts about our newest shows. And don’t worry—our cast is always timely and rarely dull. So keep reading and keep watching for our next shows!

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