A Rodeo Replacement

And we’re back with a show all the way from Oklahoma City! We at Daniel Jensen Family Law thought about performing some of the classics, of course, but instead, we’re bringing you an all-original skit. 

And of course, it’s about the noble rodeo clown. Check in soon for news on our next location—we’ll be seeing you soon. 


The curtains open on a small diner across the road from the offices of a family lawyer in Oklahoma City, with a booth packed full of rodeo clowns—perhaps more clowns than any diner booth was really made for. One picks up a sugar packet and dumps it in their mouth, which gets a big laugh. Finally, though, one of the clowns hushes the rest.

“Alright, alright, I know we’re here to eat, but let’s focus on the real problem at hand: Ernie.”

“May he rest in peace,” the others intone, placing a tiny hat with a flower in the brim on the table. 

“Well, let’s not get too sad. He’s moved on to a better place.” The clown slumped. “And he’s probably making better money as a psychologist than he ever made working with us chumps.”
“I didn’t even know he had a degree.” The clown across from her shrugged, downing a little cup of half-and-half, then grimacing comically. 

“You kidding? I’m a certified accountant, but you know, the job market.” The clown turns to the audience, putting her hands on her hips and tilting her head with a dramatic look of surprise. “Anyway, we gotta find somebody else who ain’t too afraid to go nose-to-nose with a bull.”

The small crowd of clowns erupts in debate. Over the general noise of arguing, a few choice candidates arise. 

“Call up Trailer Park Dan, he’s always a good time!”

“What about that Uber driver we called? He loved it when all six of us climbed into his four-seater, right?”

“I know this stage actor who might be in town! The way he plays Hamlet, he might as well be a clown already.”

“Alright, quiet!” When the crowd kept shouting suggestions, she stood, spraying a few in the face with her lapel flower. Finally, they were silent, cowed by their leader. “Alright, alright, I hear you guys. But, I think we need to think about this real careful-like. We want someone to outlast Ernie.”

“May he rest in—”

“Alright, it was funny the first time, but let’s focus.” She stared into her coffee cup, thinking it over. “You think we could get him back?”

Another clown stood, reaching into oversized pants held up by suspenders. Loud honks, whistles, and crashing sounds play before he finally pulls out a cell phone. “I could look up his office, see if he’s in.” The other clowns honk with excitement as they type. “Oh!”


“He’s just down the street. Two blocks from here, even.”

The head clown stands up, startling one of the other increasingly-frustrated patrons. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go get him!”

The clowns tumble out of the booth, honking and laughing and running down the street. The curtains close. 


If you missed our show, or if you’re not in the area, don’t worry. We upload these synopses for our shows regularly, keeping you in the know for our biggest projects. So, if you’ve missed us, check us out here for more of the laughs you’re looking for. 

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