A Rodeo Replacement

And we’re back with a show all the way from Oklahoma City! We at Daniel Jensen Family Law thought about performing some of the classics, of course, but instead, we’re bringing you an all-original skit. 

And of course, it’s about the noble rodeo clown. Check in soon for news on our next location—we’ll be seeing you soon. 


The curtains open on a small diner across the road from the offices of a family lawyer in Oklahoma City, with a booth packed full of rodeo clowns—perhaps more clowns than any diner booth was really made for. One picks up a sugar packet and dumps it in their mouth, which gets a big laugh. Finally, though, one of the clowns hushes the rest.

“Alright, alright, I know we’re here to eat, but let’s focus on the real problem at hand: Ernie.”

“May he rest in peace,” the others intone, placing a tiny hat with a flower in the brim on the table. 

“Well, let’s not get too sad. He’s moved on to a better place.” The clown slumped. “And he’s probably making better money as a psychologist than he ever made working with us chumps.”
“I didn’t even know he had a degree.” The clown across from her shrugged, downing a little cup of half-and-half, then grimacing comically. 

“You kidding? I’m a certified accountant, but you know, the job market.” The clown turns to the audience, putting her hands on her hips and tilting her head with a dramatic look of surprise. “Anyway, we gotta find somebody else who ain’t too afraid to go nose-to-nose with a bull.”

The small crowd of clowns erupts in debate. Over the general noise of arguing, a few choice candidates arise. 

“Call up Trailer Park Dan, he’s always a good time!”

“What about that Uber driver we called? He loved it when all six of us climbed into his four-seater, right?”

“I know this stage actor who might be in town! The way he plays Hamlet, he might as well be a clown already.”

“Alright, quiet!” When the crowd kept shouting suggestions, she stood, spraying a few in the face with her lapel flower. Finally, they were silent, cowed by their leader. “Alright, alright, I hear you guys. But, I think we need to think about this real careful-like. We want someone to outlast Ernie.”

“May he rest in—”

“Alright, it was funny the first time, but let’s focus.” She stared into her coffee cup, thinking it over. “You think we could get him back?”

Another clown stood, reaching into oversized pants held up by suspenders. Loud honks, whistles, and crashing sounds play before he finally pulls out a cell phone. “I could look up his office, see if he’s in.” The other clowns honk with excitement as they type. “Oh!”


“He’s just down the street. Two blocks from here, even.”

The head clown stands up, startling one of the other increasingly-frustrated patrons. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go get him!”

The clowns tumble out of the booth, honking and laughing and running down the street. The curtains close. 


If you missed our show, or if you’re not in the area, don’t worry. We upload these synopses for our shows regularly, keeping you in the know for our biggest projects. So, if you’ve missed us, check us out here for more of the laughs you’re looking for. 

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Navigating Pennsylvania . . . And a Marriage?

It’s been another exciting week with Daniel Jensen Family Law. The crowds are really eating it up, so we want to thank you all for your support and for your laughter.

This week, we took things outside the courtroom and onto the road! This week features the Pennsylvania backwoods and a couple who are having a little trouble dealing with it. Without further ado, enjoy the show!


The scene opens on a couple in a car. A man is driving, while a woman is sipping a drink labeled Coffee Corp. The cup is full of whipped cream. Both of them are dressed in well-tailored, expensive clothing.

“That’s it. We’re totally lost.”

The woman hums to herself, flattening out the edge of her bright pink dress. “Well, we’ll have to come across something eventually. Like, a gas station or something, so me and Tina can get our refills!”

A Chihuahua peeks out between the seats, its muzzle covered in whipped cream, before ducking back down.

“Of course, you and Tina,” he grumbled, gripping the steering wheel.

“Oh, don’t be so fussy-wussy!” She coos and pinches his cheek. “You were totally pumped for camping this weekend.”

“I think they call what we did ‘glamping,’ and that’s definitely not the same.”

“Hmph. Well, I had lots of fun, grumpy pants. We didn’t even get lost once.”

“Because you insisted on using that GPS, instead of roughing it like the old days.”

“Didn’t people get, like, dysentery in the old days, or eaten by bears and stuff?”

“Ugh, sometimes you have me thinking about just going my own way. Out on the open road, all on my own, all rugged, cool . . .” He trails off, with a twinkle in his eye. The car shakes as they drift off the road a little, before he corrects it.

She looked at him, sipping her drink. “Was camping so bad that you’re talking divorce?” She doesn’t sound particularly concerned.

“I ought to be in charge, you know, trailblazing through the backwoods with nothing but a map and a compass. None of this modern-day nonsense.” He turns the air conditioning up, until it’s blowing his hair back.

“Is there even, like, a divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania?”

There’s a long pause “Alright, I’m going to have to ask why you think that.”

“Aren’t they all Amish or something?”

Jake rubs his forehead. “Not the whole state, they’re not.”

“Oh. Well, maybe that’s okay, then.” She shrugs, completely unperturbed. “It’s not like you could afford to divorce me anyway.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m just saying, I’m the owner of, like, the biggest law firm in the state. So even if I represented myself, I could totally take you on.” She giggled.

Jake pulled a long face. “You just can’t let me win, can you?”

“Psh, that’s my whole thing, silly!” She leans over, pecking his cheek, then leans back and yawns. “Oof, all this riding along has me just exhausted. Be a doll and keep super quiet, would you? Oh, and wake me up when you see a gas station. I bet Tina has to tinkle!” The dog yips from the backseat.

When her headphones are in and her eye mask is on, Jake sighs. “Marry into money, they said. You’ll never work another day in your life, they said…”

The lights fade on the couple, and the sketch ends.

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An Electrifying Divorce!

What a great show this week! Today, we’re looking at divorce law as we travel through the great state of Wisconsin. This week, we’ll be putting on regular shows about one of those power couples you all know and love, and no, we’re not talking about Kim and Kanye. Read on to check out the story for our latest sketch..

James Islington, a local Milwaukee divorce attorney, files his papers and sighs. Off-stage, muffled shouting can be heard, and it’s definitely getting closer. He stands and goes to the door. “I should know better than to schedule these types on Mondays,” he mutters before opening it.

“Mr. Islington?” Frankenstein’s monster, played by Tom Bree on stilts, frowns at the lawyer.

“I—Yes, that would be me. Who—”

“We’re here about our appointment.” His bride, just as tall, nudges him in, and the two men stumble back into the room. She follows with her arms crossed over a stylish white gown. “I can’t take it anymore.”

“Oh, you can’t!” He scoffs at her, turning away.

“Ah, Mr. and Mrs.—”

“Monster. Frankenstein S. Monster. Your secretary said you were free, and frankly, I don’t think we can wait much longer anyway.”

The lawyer sits uneasily, motioning to the chairs. The towering couple ignores the gesture. “Well, what can I help you two with?”

To his displeasure, they both begin speaking at once.

“The spark is gone!”

“He thinks I should cover up my stitches better, like some social media model.”

“She refuses to see eye-to-eye with my family.”

The Bride frowned at him. “Oh please, Victor is a hack, and you know it.”

Frankenstein gasps, turning with a wounded look. “How dare you speak that way about my father!”

She rolls her eyes. “He’s my father, too, idiot, if you want to call him that. And, I hardly think stitching together whatever you happen to find lying around the graveyard can be called parenting.’”

Frankenstein’s monster points at his bride. “See? She’s always like this! She just refuses to listen to reason.”

James puts his hands up, trying to placate the eight-foot-tall monster leaning over his desk. “So, you two are having some . . . marital disputes? And, you no longer wish to work things out?”

“That’s right.” The bride sniffs, haughtily. “I’d say I was seeking alimony, but every time anyone mentions doing anything useful, he groans and shambles around. Very unprofessional.”

Before Frankenstein can speak, James puts up a hand. “Alright, alright, I understand. Let me get the paperwork, and I’ll get you two ready to file soon enough. It’s kind of funny, though, I never expected a pair like you two to settle in Milwaukee.”

“We’re here for the culture.”

“Of course.” He shuffled some papers around, then chuckled to himself. “And, you know, here I thought the books says you two were made for each other. Literally.”

The two paused, glaring, as though they can’t believe he’d say such a thing. Then, they both approached his desk.

“What do you think this is, some kind of arranged marriage?”

“My wife is her own woman!”

The shouting continues as he puts his hands up, as if to protect himself from the shouting. The shouting then fades with the lights.

In the darkness, a nasally voice speaks. “Mr. Islington?”

The lights come up as James sits up, alone and bleary-eyed. His hair is a mess, and a page is stuck to his face.

“Mr. Islington!”

“Yes, yes, what?”

“Your next clients are here. Did you fall asleep at your desk again?”

He pauses for a long, long moment. “No, but tell them to reschedule. I’ve had a little . . . shock, today. I think I need to lie down.”

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What Does “Pain and Suffering” Mean in Lawsuits?

When someone else has hurt you, in an accident or because of wrongful behavior, you can file a lawsuit seeking damages. There are many different types of damages you can request compensation for, such as monetary and non-monetary damages.

Most people know that they can receive compensation for the money they’ve lost, such as medical bills, property damage, and transportation expenses. Not many people realize that they can actually be paid for their non-monetary losses as well.

Non-monetary losses are those things your injury has caused you to suffer that aren’t tied to money. Things like mental trauma, fear, anxiety, stress, etc. These are your non-monetary losses, often referred to as “pain and suffering.”

Let’s look at a few examples:

If you were injured in an auto collision and you suffered property damage, a serious broken bone injury, and you were in the hospital for months, you likely suffered from “pain and suffering” as well, right? Your pain and suffering refers to the following:

  • Your physical pain from your injuries
  • The pain over the months of medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • The stress and anxiety your broken bone injury causes
  • The worry over whether your injury will fully heal
  • The anxiety over ever getting into a car again
  • The flashbacks of your terrifying auto accident you experience on a daily basis
  • The fact that you will have a permanent scar because of your accident
  • The fact that your mobility will be forever diminished
  • Your inability to work the job you once did
  • Your inability to engage in activities you once enjoyed

This list is not even exhaustive. There are so many ways that an accident, or an injury caused by another person’s wrongful or negligent behavior, could affect your life.

Here’s another example:

You were assaulted and you suffered a brain injury as a result of the violent encounter you survived. The attack left you hospitalized for months and your cognitive functioning is diminished. You have difficulty remembering things and you can’t read without becoming tired, nor can you process the information you read.

You used to have a job as an accountant but you can’t perform those job duties anymore because of your brain injury. You feel useless and hopeless. You feel like you have no future.

The above example shows all the pain and suffering that an assault could cause a person.

The above are only two examples of injuries that a person could experience and what kind of suffering those experiences can bring about in a person’s life. Many would argue that the pain and suffering of an injury accident could be far worse than the actual accident or than the monetary losses.

All injuries are unique and your suffering is unique, as well. Though you can’t truly put a price tag on a person’s trauma, you do deserve to receive monetary justice for what you’ve been through. Your pain and suffering is likely great, and your injuries have probably changed your life. You are owed compensation for your losses.

To receive the compensation you deserve you must file a personal injury case against the person who hurt you. Filing and winning your case means money in your pocket so that you can provide for a future that follows a serious injury. Contact one of the Riverside injury lawyers in order to get started on a case.

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How Traffic Ticket Attorneys Can Save You Money

Getting a traffic ticket isn’t just frustrating—it’s also expensive. You were so careful behind the wheel, but then you made one little mistake, and now you could be dealing with a lot of fines. It’s your word against the officer’s, so you might not think that you have a chance against them.

Don’t assume that so quickly, however. You might have a chance to save yourself a little cash and avoid the other serious expenses that a traffic ticket can bring you. With someone like James Medows, traffic ticket lawyer, on your side, you can protect your money against the following expenses.

Fees and Fines

When you’ve received a ticket, your first thought might be to plead guilty and pay for your ticket. Unfortunately, this can get expensive quickly, especially if this isn’t your first offense. You could be paying hundreds of dollars, which could have been money going toward things you need.

If you’re found guilty of your traffic violation, it can affect your insurance policy as well. Many insurance companies talk about how they reward good drivers with incentives, but the opposite will happen, too. Drivers with anything on their record will be punished for it. You could see a major increase in your insurance premiums if you don’t fight your ticket.

You might be thinking about fighting your ticket already, but it’s just as important not to fight your ticket alone. If you fail to get your ticket dismissed, you could end up paying for your ticket as well as the court fees.

Losing Your License is Expensive

Unfortunately, you might already have some points on your license, or your ticket might lead to an automatic license suspension. For every ticket you plead guilty to, you’ll receive some points on your license for them. If those points go over eleven, your license will be suspended for some time.

This means that you’ll be left with the expenses of having a car without the convenience. You’ll need to maintain parking and insurance, but now you’ll need to pay for public transit or rideshares. Otherwise, you’ll need to rely on the help of family members, which limits your freedom.

This adds up quickly. When you’re unable to drive for some time, it can get expensive even if you’re not buying fuel. That means you’ll need to fight back.

Get Your Ticket Dropped Today

Dealing with the consequences of a ticket can be frustrating. You want to protect your license and your wallet, but you’ll need to fight back against the word of a police officer. That alone can feel pretty intimidating.

That’s why you’ll need a lawyer on your side. Traffic tickets can be serious and expensive, which is why you’ll need someone to fight back and get your ticket dismissed. So, before you head into the courtroom, get the help you need.

While you might be thinking of saving money by not hiring an attorney, keep in mind that they’re to stop the consequences of your traffic ticket. So, get the help you need to avoid a ticket and save your money.

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Fighting Back After a Motorcycle Crash

All road collisions are dangerous but motorcycle crashes are particularly lethal. Riders are several times more likely to get seriously injured or even die because of the severity of the impact. It is possible to mitigate the risk but some of the factors are out of the rider’s control. Victims can fight back and sue the offending motorist for compensation with the help of a lawyer.

The Risks

Motorcycles are simply on the losing end of every collision because of their smaller size and weight. Drivers may not see them if they are positioned on their blind spot. This is especially true when it gets dark. Cars and trucks are likely to remain stationary while motorcycles tend to bounce off upon impact. They can slip and slide all over as balance is lost since there are only two wheels. Riders, without the benefit of an enclosure, will feel the force of the collision. They are likely to get thrown on the ground and sustain fractures.

Prevention Strategies

For many, quitting this mode of transport is not an option. It is simply one of the most practical vehicles around in terms of acquisition and operational cost. Motorcycles are among the cheapest rides you can buy and fuel is not that expensive thanks to their efficiency. The best thing that riders can do is to adopt prevention strategies in their daily routines.

For example, they might want to wear brightly colored clothes so that they are easier to spot on the road. Motorists will be able to adjust to their presence and avoid dangerous moves. Making noise is another tactic to attract attention. It is a good thing to do when planning to overtake or doing other things that might be risky.

It also doesn’t hurt to slow down as the motor will be much easier to control that way. If the situation suddenly turns bad, then you will have more time to react and avert a disaster. The use of protective gear is also advised. In a lot of places, wearing a helmet is mandatory. Learning defensive riding in formal classes may also be considered.

Launching a Suit

If an accident does happen, then the first thing to do is to try to recuperate as quickly as possible. Next is taking care of the legal matters surrounding the crash. The motorist that caused the collision can be sued, especially if their behavior led to the incident. For instance, they might be going over the speed limit, not respecting the right of way, zigzagging on the road, driving with distractions, or driving under influence.

Solid evidence must be presented to the court for a successful outcome. For best results, get the services of an experienced attorney who knows all about fighting back after a motorcycle crash. Motorcycle accident lawyer David Christensen has been handling cases like this for many years. Call now to set up a meeting.





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