Navigating Pennsylvania . . . And a Marriage?

It’s been another exciting week with Daniel Jensen Family Law. The crowds are really eating it up, so we want to thank you all for your support and for your laughter.

This week, we took things outside the courtroom and onto the road! This week features the Pennsylvania backwoods and a couple who are having a little trouble dealing with it. Without further ado, enjoy the show!


The scene opens on a couple in a car. A man is driving, while a woman is sipping a drink labeled Coffee Corp. The cup is full of whipped cream. Both of them are dressed in well-tailored, expensive clothing.

“That’s it. We’re totally lost.”

The woman hums to herself, flattening out the edge of her bright pink dress. “Well, we’ll have to come across something eventually. Like, a gas station or something, so me and Tina can get our refills!”

A Chihuahua peeks out between the seats, its muzzle covered in whipped cream, before ducking back down.

“Of course, you and Tina,” he grumbled, gripping the steering wheel.

“Oh, don’t be so fussy-wussy!” She coos and pinches his cheek. “You were totally pumped for camping this weekend.”

“I think they call what we did ‘glamping,’ and that’s definitely not the same.”

“Hmph. Well, I had lots of fun, grumpy pants. We didn’t even get lost once.”

“Because you insisted on using that GPS, instead of roughing it like the old days.”

“Didn’t people get, like, dysentery in the old days, or eaten by bears and stuff?”

“Ugh, sometimes you have me thinking about just going my own way. Out on the open road, all on my own, all rugged, cool . . .” He trails off, with a twinkle in his eye. The car shakes as they drift off the road a little, before he corrects it.

She looked at him, sipping her drink. “Was camping so bad that you’re talking divorce?” She doesn’t sound particularly concerned.

“I ought to be in charge, you know, trailblazing through the backwoods with nothing but a map and a compass. None of this modern-day nonsense.” He turns the air conditioning up, until it’s blowing his hair back.

“Is there even, like, a divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania?”

There’s a long pause “Alright, I’m going to have to ask why you think that.”

“Aren’t they all Amish or something?”

Jake rubs his forehead. “Not the whole state, they’re not.”

“Oh. Well, maybe that’s okay, then.” She shrugs, completely unperturbed. “It’s not like you could afford to divorce me anyway.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m just saying, I’m the owner of, like, the biggest law firm in the state. So even if I represented myself, I could totally take you on.” She giggled.

Jake pulled a long face. “You just can’t let me win, can you?”

“Psh, that’s my whole thing, silly!” She leans over, pecking his cheek, then leans back and yawns. “Oof, all this riding along has me just exhausted. Be a doll and keep super quiet, would you? Oh, and wake me up when you see a gas station. I bet Tina has to tinkle!” The dog yips from the backseat.

When her headphones are in and her eye mask is on, Jake sighs. “Marry into money, they said. You’ll never work another day in your life, they said…”

The lights fade on the couple, and the sketch ends.

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