Will an Injury Lawyer Win More Money Than the Insurer Is Offering?

When individuals sustain an injury, one of the first questions in their mind is whether it’s necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer. People don’t want to pay legal fees if they can be avoided, but they also want to get the maximum amount of damages they are entitled. If the insurer tells them the other party is admitting fault and they will pay, many chose to forgo the lawyer in favor of saving on legal fees. That is most often a mistake, as insurance adjusters are infamous for convincing people that they don’t need a lawyer to save themselves money.

Insurance companies like to market themselves as wanting to help people, but really, they are a business, and the bottom line is indeed the “bottom line.” If you are wondering if an injury lawyer win more money than the insurer is offering, you should not make your decision before having a consultation with a lawyer.

Insurance Companies and Payouts

Personal injury claims can be complex. Negligence and the nature of the injury are important factors that an insurance adjuster will inquire about. If you have a serious and complex personal injury, especially one that is likely to require long-term care, the insurance company is likely to tell you to avoid calling a lawyer—the reason being they want to remain at a smaller payout in your claim and they know serious personal injuries are the ones that personal injury lawyers can secure huge settlements.

Despite what the insurer claims, they are going to offer you the lowest possible payout they think you will accept. People who contact insurance companies without legal representation are likely to be taken advantage of. Adjusters don’t get bonuses for fair payouts, and like any business, the bottom line is what matters most.

When an individual accepts an insurance adjuster’s offer without consulting a lawyer, they miss out on the maximum settlement they could have received with legal representation. Most likely, that individual could have walked away from their personal injury claim with more than enough to pay legal fees, medical bills, and much higher damages amount than what the insurance adjuster offered.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers get paid too, of course, and like insurance companies, the bottom line is important. The crucial difference is that personal injury lawyers only get their payout if the client wins and in proportion to the award—the more the client receives, the higher the lawyer’s share will be.

Personal injury lawyers know how to advocate for their clients and are guaranteed to secure a larger settlement offer than you would secure unrepresented. Insurance companies know that personal injury lawyers know exactly what payout amounts are in line with each kind of injury, so there is no point in under-bidding with a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are strong case builders who know how to get their clients the maximum amount of financial compensation.

If you need a personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge, do yourself a favor and let your lawyer advocate for you with the insurance companies. Enlisting the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer with a solid track record is the single-most important step you can take towards securing yourself the maximum damages amount you are entitled to. Call your local Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer today for a free consultation.

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